KHavemeier - Bio photoHey there! My name is Kelly Havemeier. I am a down-to-earth Iowa girl, mama to four little ladies, and wife to the most incredible man on the planet (who happens to love coffee almost as much as I do!). We live on a happy little Iowa acreage which we have come to call our Eden.

wear hats. Lots of hats. Well, not literal hats, but I think you will get my meaning. Over the last twenty years, my life has unfolded into many roles played both within the church and in the local community. I have logged considerable years as a pastor’s wife, along with doing administrative work, worship ministry, speaking, teaching, mentoring, kids, youth… well, you name it.

But mostly…

I just love Him. And no matter what hat I seem to be wearing at any given moment… I. Just. Need. Him.

More than anything.

He meets me. In the morning, in the car, in the dark, or smack dab in the middle of the super market. No matter what. In these reverent moments, He sows seedling “God-thoughts” that incubate deep within.

I cannot imagine anything quite as lovely as sharing a cozy cup of coffee as we challenge the mundane and invite His presence together. I hope and pray that as you join me for “God-thoughts & Good Company,” He will meet you, too.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29.13 (NIV)


P.S. If you love Coffee in Eden, you might also enjoy my other blog, Blue Jeans & Coffee Beans, where I share about family life on our cozy, country homestead.

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